Gregg Lindberg - Current Ward 3 City Council Member, St. Louis Park

As I made the decision to not seek re-election to represent the folks in St Louis Park’s Ward 3, Rachel Harris immediately came to mind as the type leader that our neighbors here in Ward 3, and the City of St. Louis Park need on their City Council.

That’s why I was excited to hear that Rachel was running for City Council, and look forward to supporting her in the general election.

Why?  Because Rachel has demonstrated the leadership, knowledge and care needed to be the type of City Council member we can all trust to grow the rich tradition of excellence we have all come to expect in St. Louis Park.

From neighborhood organizing to our Environment and Sustainability Commission, to the recent Vision 3.0 Steering Team (to name a few), Rachel has given of her time, talent and leadership to influence an even better future for all of us in St. Louis Park.  That’s the type of leadership and experience we need in elected office.

Rachel is smart about the issues facing our community, she has the knowledge to make the right decisions to further enhance the success of the City of St. Louis Park well into the future.  Beyond the knowledge Rachel brings, she understands the importance of listening and balancing the needs of many voices when making decisions that impact our community.

Perhaps more importantly, I know first-hand that Rachel cares about us, all of us.  Rachel is running for office knowing that the seat she will fill is about providing the best possible opportunities and service for all the people who live, work and play here in St. Louis Park.

Please join my family, friends and I in supporting Rachel Harris for St. Louis Park City Council here in Ward 3.  We will be in great hands for the next four years.

Sue Sanger - St. Louis Park City Council Ward 1

Rachel Harris will be an excellent City Council representative for the residents of ward 3 and the wider community. Rachel demonstrates integrity, good communication skills, and a willingness to challenge conventional wisdom that lacks factual support.

Bridget Gothberg - Ward 3 Resident

Rachel Harris believes in this community and she is in touch with its values. She is practical in her approach to solving problems, and she stands strong when needed. She asks good questions and listens deeply. She understands what needs to be done and she will help do it.

"Rachel Harris is a first-time candidate running for City Council in St. Louis Park. Committed to championing improved quality of life for neighbors, Rachel looks forward to bringing her respected experience in local government, international cultures, citizen commissions and advocacy work for transportation, housing and the environment to the St. Louis Park City Council. She is a community leader that makes a difference everywhere she participates and is excited to represent Ward 3 residents as a part of the City Council."

"Our committee volunteers and Board members have interviewed nearly six dozen candidates for office this election cycle so that Minnesotans know which candidates support LGBTQ equality."

State Representative Connie Bernardy, 41A

"Lucky St. Louis Park. You are an amazing leader. You are innovative, strategic and experienced. You know what makes cities vibrant and exceptional."

Elected and Community Leaders

  • Steve Halfin - St. Louis Park City Council
  • Karen Waters - St. Louis Park School Board
  • Julie Sweitzer, Former St. Louis Park School Board Member
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Resolution of Support
Resolution of Support

We're in the news! Check out what supporters are saying in our local press in 9 letters to the editor: 

  • Rachel Harris brings a collaborative work ethic "Rachel brings a collaborative work ethic and a vision for SLP that I am excited about – ensuring all residents of all ages and abilities can safely and efficiently move around our community whether walking, biking, driving or with transit."
  • Sue Sanger Endorses Rachel Harris "Rachel Harris will be an excellent City Council representative for the residents of Ward 3 and the wider community. She is a smart, thoughtful and progressive leader with deep SLP roots and extensive community involvement."
  • Rachel Harris is an inclusive and thoughtful leader in St. Louis Park  "She is unique in her skill and talent as a leader. Rachel always seeks out and includes all voices. She is thoughtful in her consideration of issues and utilizes data-driven solutions. Rachel has a deep understanding of government process and policy and was successful working with our city to achieve initiatives and goals set out by the commission."
  • Rachel Harris cares for St Louis Park "I have worked with Rachel Health in the Park, the environmental commission and leading groups. She is bright and works hard. I believe in the importance of the city council’s work, and I also believe that Rachel Harris will be an outstanding addition to our city council."
  • Rachel Harris has a track record of accomplishment "Ward 3 is lucky to have such a passionate, open and inclusive leader who has a track record of real accomplishment seeking to represent us on the city council."
  • Harris has been active on committees and commissions "Her priorities include keeping our city green, increasing transportation options and affordable housing. Rachel brings a thoughtful and collaborative approach to both leadership and problem-solving. She is committed to our city, our residents and our environment."
  • Rachel Harris is uniquely qualified to serve St. Louis Park "Rachel takes a highly professional approach to everything she does, always with a personal touch. Her extensive local government experience, organizational development skills and knowledge of the St. Louis Park community as an active long-time resident make her uniquely qualified to be an effective city council member."
  • Rachel Harris would bring passion to St. Louis Park council "During our time on the [Vision 3.0] steering committee, I found Rachel to be well-prepared, thorough and a collaborative member of the committee. Gathering community input was vital to this project, and Rachel was frequently asking, 'Who haven’t we heard from? How do we engage get those voices?'"
  • Support Rachel Harris in Ward 3 council race "St. Louis Park is a great place to live in many ways, and one thing that has the city work so well is the leadership. Rachel is one of the community leaders that makes a difference everywhere she participates."