Westwood Hills Nature Center Wetland Boardwalk

Our Environment Matters

It's what I see and hear across Ward 3 neighborhoods. And, it's an important part of my life and training. I will continue:

  • Encouraging practices that protect parks, nature and pollinators.
  • Working to implement great programs like organics recycling and electronics recycling.
  • Supporting green policies like the one that led St. Louis Park to purchase its first electric vehicle and install solar panels on municipal buildings.
  • Adopting practices to integrate electric vehicle charging stations at new apartment buildings, in parking ramps, and commercial buildings.

There's so such more we can do to ensure a consistent quality of life, like rebuilding our storm sewers to prevent potential flooding and costly clean-up, and participating across the city, county and state to find solutions to water quality.


Ways Around the Park

Whether 8 or 80, our neighbors are asking for more options to get around town.

Our first priority is asking our residents where they travel, how they get there and what places they visit most frequently. That way we make decisions that best serve our transportation needs.

An ongoing priority is to work with the school district to put safe routes to school into practice throughout our district.

Being winter-ready is important. A priority is developing a consistent sidewalk snow removal policy. Some newer sidewalks, called 'community sidewalks', are plowed by the city. These are adjacent to older sidewalks shoveled by residents. The inconsistent snow removal practice on sidewalks is confusing at best.


Affordable Housing

As I've been speaking with neighbors, affordable housing is top of mind. People have concerns that they won't be able to remain in the community they love through all stages in life.

While serving on the Vision 3.0 Steering Committee, we had robust conversations about affordable housing. Noticing the region-wide trend of tearing down aging buildings or significantly upgrading units with marble countertops, I asked staff to create an inventory of Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing, or NOAH. This will aid our city in preserving the existing affordable housing.

Whether it's a young person moving into St. Louis Park for the first time, or somebody who's made their life here, I will work to ensure there are options for everybody to live and thrive in St. Louis Park.


Racial Equity

City Council has adopted a thoughtful, thorough plan for advancing racial equity initiatives. The emphasis being placed on hiring staff that reflects the racial diversity of our city is laudable. Building on this initiative includes these goals:

  • The police trainee program, with its focus on recruiting non-traditional applicants, is promising and I am committed to expanding this other departments.
  • To enhance diversity on commissions, I will work to bring in partners to recruit, train and support persons from underrepresented groups to successfully add their voices to boards and commissions.

Broader perspectives are central to developing a more equitable, inclusive community.